Miracles AW´20

Miracles AW´20

A miracle, it is a collective will.

Let’s be creative and don’t loose emotion, romanticism or enthusiasm. This inspiration came from everything that happened to the world in the last few months. It results in a love story between feelings, a union that ends up between the feeling of doubt and the certainty that we cannot stop.

We can't stop dreaming, that's for sure.

This has shown us how vulnerable we all are, but shown us above all, that together we can work miracles. Women, my focus, seem to want to be stronger than ever and I like to capture that temperamental, adventurous and free feeling and I think I'm in a way helping to make it happen.


BYOU x Mafalda Patrício

Part of this collection was created in collaboration with the designer and trendsetter Mafalda Patrício, who has been with me since the beginning of the brand. I feel that Mafalda is part of BYOU, in a way we were driving each other at a certain moment and this resulted in the evolution of both the BYOU brand and Mafalda as an influencer of style. We have grown together and created a beautiful friendship.

Mafalda designed 3 looks for this collection and there was a perfect symbiosis between 2 styles, but they show us that yes, opposites create attraction and are the ones who make us evolve. My line of minimalist cuts and neutral cores, has increasingly identified BYOU and Mafalda's most futuristic and romantic vision, has greatly enriched this collection and shows us that we can cross ideas, styles and different ways of looking at fashion , shows us that everything is allowed.

"I've been linked to BYOU since the beginning of the brand. I was a model in the first campaigns and I always believed in Patrícia's project, which now gave me total freedom to create. It was a very interesting challenge, I had never reserved clothes before and it's a good opportunity of experimentation, of realising ideas that I have in mind. I wanted pieces made very colourful, that would add newness to the collection, a part of my vision, my influences ".

- Mafalda Patrício [designer and trendsetter]