Coleção: Mar | AW21

SEA It was the name I chose for this collection

Creating pieces that adapt to a country with the characteristics of ours is very enriching and inspiring, as we are the only country in Europe where the capital walks side by side with the Sea.
We are Sea from one end to the other and this gives us everything our history and immensity. The climatic, geographic and ecological versatility enhances us in a very unique way.
The Sea that surrounds us is one of the elements that enriches us the most and it was what most inspired me for this collection and it is what inspires me the most every day, every moment, to create pieces that in their timelessness adapt to our lifestyle so close to the Sea.

All the pieces were designed to be used on various occasions, but all seen on a walk by the sea in winter. The movement, the colors that resemble rocks, sand, shells, the foam of the breaking waves and marine life. Fluid and flowing fabrics, but with dense textures that envelop and snuggle the body. I wanted to create harmony, between us, between you and the Sea.

With love