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Trees in Extinction | Limited Edition FW'18

I wanted to warn of this serious phenomenon on our planet. The disappearance of some species of trees so necessary for the permanence and continuity of all species, including Human beings, let us think of this with love and with awareness in all our actions.

Forest fires are not the only ones responsible, as the mortality rate is ten times higher than normal, even in non-fire years.

This phenomenon results, scientists say, from a combination of factors such as climate warming, deforestation and the need for agricultural land.

"We are talking about the disappearance of the world's largest living organisms and organisms that play a key role in regulating the wealth of our world," said Bill Laurance of James Cook University.

Large trees serve as habitat for various species of animals, especially birds. They are also huge carbon wells, important reserves of substrates that allow the development of a large number of organisms and play a key role in the hydrological cycle.