Coleção: Uncover | SS22

2022 is a renewal and a return to life, a rediscovery of moments and of ourselves.
Nature is very careful and delicate, it transforms each human being into someone special, unique and this is naturally our greatest super power.
This was the theme I developed in the creation of these pieces and this session. It's a small collection of key pieces to be worn on multiple occasions. It made me look again at myself, at the essence of my brand, at what makes me truly happy.
I confess that I thought a lot before photographing myself again, 10 years later, many things have changed, I have changed, on several levels. I was a mother, I'm older, I have my insecurities, it's true that I gained many other good things, from them I highlight serenity, because it was her that made me move forward. I hope you like it, that it is inspiring because my path remains, always by your side.