Collection: Flowers and Birds SS'21

When we are deprived of our freedom and our sensitivity, it allows us to understand where and when we have taken Flowers and Birds hostage.

Nature, never have we needed it so much, never have we come so close to it, as in a time when the meaning of life is disordered.

We have gone from liking and looking, to admiring and contemplating, perhaps this is a winding revolution for some and graceful, almost like a gift, for others.

What I feel is almost a holding of breath, a recognizing and starting over, in that order.

I have always been dazzled by the essence of the environment, by the lightness with which nature flows and disarms us. To admire and contemplate the attraction of birds to flowers is pure love. No plans, no longings, it simply flows. I realized that fighting the inevitable is wasteful and that sometimes in life, you just have to stop and contemplate Flowers and Birds.

This collection is the most flowy of all collections. I feel that the moment I created it was a moment of transition, of change, of looking at the World with other eyes, and this look made me see colors and shapes that would have been erased.

Colors are the greatest symbolism of this emotion, the lack of black marks an era of liberation, and the mixing of tones, a transition to another state.

The theme Flowers and Birds was decided on this atmosphere of feelings and carries with it my whole perspective of what the formula of Nature is. The colors of flowers, birds, their dynamics and connection.

With Love,
Patrícia Gouveia