La Vida Boémia | AW22

La Vida Bohemia | AW22

Unconventional, emotionally involved with the arts, free-spirited, sensitive, with a penchant for drama. This is "La Vida Bohemia" the collection I developed for this season. Aware that winter would come late, I lived every moment, life is to be enjoyed without haste.
I was inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, from different times, in different contexts, it is something that captivates me, this bohemian style to live. I feel for me that the essence of bohemia is poetic, it is art in its various forms, the good vices of life, the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the human being, who risks being free, even if it is just that, looking for luck but above destination. It ends up being a way of romanticizing life, so that all the bohemians and delusionals have a long life to immortalize this romance for us.
I wanted to show you this time how the pieces can be for everyone and I hope you have fun, get inspired and always live the more romantic side of life.

With Love,