Collection: Mafalda Patricio X BYOU

Mafalda Patrício's incomparable style is united once again with Patrícia Gouveia. "We wanted to mark our long-standing partnership, with some pieces made together. This is the 2nd time we've worked in this area together. We've known each other for 10 years, the same time as BYOU and since then we've never met In addition to friendship, we really like to explore our creative side, we love to work together, share ideas and create pieces"

Patrícia had already imagined a concept, she has a very poetic and dreamy side and always a story to tell, the union with Mafalda is perfect, in the sense that Mafalda can read her stories and turn them into pieces of art. clothes.

The fabrics were chosen together. "it is a very creative process, we love to see and touch fabrics, it is often from this moment that the pieces start to be built". Both spent a few days in the North of Portugal in factories and warehouses.

Their friendship and love for fashion, makes them achieve a perfect harmony found in straight-cut pieces, with touches of color and made to be worn by both women and men. Elegance and romanticism go hand in hand in this very particular but comprehensive style at the same time.