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Woman Human FW'19

The Woman as a Human Being, the woman as a Woman, as a Mother, as a Daughter, as a Friend, as a Worker, as a House Manager, as a Manager of her own life and the lives of a few.

Being a woman is being strong, being a woman is having power, being a woman is having multiple lives, being a woman is being sensitive, being a woman is being tough, being a woman is saying yes, saying no, being a woman is listening, being silent, being a woman is shout out. To be a woman is to have control and to lose it, several times in the same day or time, to be a woman is to laugh, to smile, to cry. To be a woman is to listen and to advise, to be wrong, to be a woman is to be sure and to doubt them, to be a woman is to be judged, loved, criticized and hated, to be a woman is to understand and to fight for one's place, to be a woman to take care, to love, To be a woman is to have the world within you and the power to be whatever you want. To be a woman is to be Human.

When I thought about this collection, the first thing I asked was: "who am I as a woman, who am I as a human being?" and I couldn't give myself one answer, I thought of so many things, they were infinite, I could be everything, I was everything and I thought that maybe it was nothing. I like questions, but I hardly have one answer and this, now, at this stage of my life, is quiet, it's no longer a conflict and it's what I am, that is, I can be anything I want without no judgment or stereotype. We Women are able to transform, to transform ourselves, we divide into a thousand pieces. I then tried to think of other women and yes, it was easier to understand that I am not alone, it was like waking up to this "we have to unite" reality, because that is the path to human understanding.
The collection consists of 12 pieces, each thought of the various women we are in the various hours of the same day. In the various women we are, who we dream to be, who we want to be, who we want to be, who risk being, who we will never be, who we are and who we don't know, in the changes that happen to us in a day, a week, a month, a year, in a lifetime. I created this collection to open all those possibilities, to hide behind a nude, to snuggle in a sky-colored novel wool, in a moment of modesty, to dazzle in a fiery color, to shine in a starry sky, to rock a white or total black, just to be, to be well, confident, comfortable, to be us. Let the clothes be a continuation of ourselves. May each piece have the powerful, almost magical effect.
Black and white
Fire and sparkles
Silky and soft materials, silk, cotton and perfect symbioses of synthetic and natural fibers, where the goal is to bring the material to life, create simple pieces with noble fabrics, look and feel each fabric as our perfect second skin.