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BYOU was born in 2013 by the hand of Patrícia Gouveia, who stimulated by personal taste and a natural talent for drawing and creating, learned how to sew with her mother. Later she perfected herself with the seamstresses that today help her giving shape to her creations.

Patrícia creates for young and adult women, with a cool but sophisticated attitude, who accept themselves as they are, assuming their body, loving the perfection of their imperfections.
And in 2021, and after being mother of 2 twin boys in 2018, feeling one of the biggest transformations of her life, she is inspired by the first creation of children's clothing, from 1 to 10 years old. It refers to this creation as a derivation of the BYOU identity that came to bring life to BYOU for Kids.

She’s inspired by the World. But it’s in her country, Portugal, that she builds her business and where she acquires the materials and manufactures all her pieces.

More than a clothing brand, BYOU stands out for its inspiring voice not only in matters of sustainability and preservation of the planet, but also in the empowerment of the individuality of each one of us.

Conceptually, it sees pieces of clothing [common associated with the exterior aspect] as an extension of the interior. Because what we wear is always in accordance with what we are and feel.


Lisbon Store
Rua Gonçalves Crespo 52
1150-186 Lisbon

Monday to Friday
12pm until 7pm
10am until 7pm

(If you want to visit us on a different day and time, please contact us)

Patrícia Gouveia
+351 966 574 362