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BYOU by Patricia Gouveia

Botanic | grey shirt

Botanic | grey shirt

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Preço normal €35.00 EUR Preço de saldo €35.00 EUR
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Shirt in organic cotton with wooden buttons.

Composition | 100% organic cotton
Color | grey
Care | hand wash, or machine wash until 30º

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic additives or pesticides and is not genetically modified. This makes it suitable for children's skin because it has no harmful substances.

Organic cotton, by definition, comes from plants that have not been genetically modified. Because of this difference, to get the same amount of fiber from an organic crop you have to grow more cotton, which means using more land. That land, of course, has to be tended and irrigated.

However, some maintain that organic cotton requires less water over time, largely because soil with more carbon from organic matter stores water better.

"Textile Exchange believes that consumers who care about the environment and the farming communities that produce the cotton for their clothing should support brands and retailers in using organic cotton."

(Information based on portugaltê

To take care of the planet we suggest reducing machine washing and opting for hand washing in cold and air drying. You do not need to iron this garment and when it is no longer useful, you can donate it.

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