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BYOU "Dream"

BYOU is a 100% Portuguese brand, created two years ago, which combines the spirit of surfing and the lifestyle with the urban and cosmopolitan universe of European cities. a collection that evokes a relaxed urban reference to the lifestyle of Australian and Californian beaches, confirming the adaptability of European fashion to an attitude free spirit.

 The line features several fresh and simple dresses that enhance the subtle sensuality of a "new woman", independent and confident, who personalizes the lightness of a dress with good taste and class.

 The pieces, made by hand and with Portuguese materials such as silk, linen, wool and cotton, appear in a palette of pastel colors, in order to reveal the beauty of lightly tanned skins, while enhancing the gold of the bronzes. natural.

 One of the great features of BYOU is personalization. Beauty is part of genuineness, one of the great foundations of the brand, so the best way to guarantee this is by allowing customers to produce their own pieces, which can be custom developed, according to their style and personality. is developed with the constant monitoring of Patrícia, creator of the brand, who travels to the client's house in the Greater Lisbon area, or via Skype, telephone or email, for those who do not live in the vicinity of the capital.

 Most sales are made online, through the official website of the brand, however the collections are available for sale on Thursdays, from 14:00 to 19:00 on Rua D. Pedro V 133/135, in Príncipe Real. In the future, they should reach other sales outlets.

21 APRIL 2015, 13:23

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