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We could say that every day we are presented with new Portuguese brands that guarantee to be different from everything we already have. But the truth is that not all of them have the ability to make us feel what a brand should make us feel, what makes a brand a love for life, what makes each piece a pleasure to wear daily. Something as seemingly simple as feeling in love with ourselves every day, happy to smile in the mirror and confident in a sensuality that lives in harmony with elegance. Not all of them make it, but BYOU made it.

And congratulations to that because leaving a woman satisfied, that is a task that has everything to be impossible. Between silk, linen, wool and cotton, pieces are created entirely by hand to ensure maximum quality. With entirely Portuguese materials, the pieces are all limited edition.


Started two years ago by Patrícia, BYOU is yet another proof of how necessity is the first step towards ingenious creations. The childhood dream of having a future that went through “making clothes” gained legs when she was faced with unemployment. She learned to sew with her mother, improved with the two professionals she works with and began to develop pieces that were able to “unleash the well-being and beauty of each one” . In an inspiration that crosses Australia and California, BYOU is for women who bring sensuality hand in hand with naturalness and who accept the body they have with the happiness of those who love it.

“A 100% Portuguese brand that combines the spirit of dance between surfing and the lifestyle associated with it, and the urban and cosmopolitan universe of European capitals”

The first spring-summer collection, Dream, is precisely this spirit that it demonstrates. Fresh dresses with simple lines that bet on pastel tones make this collection a real dream. Here, the strength of simplicity allied to discreet sensuality wins, which only gains strength by the elegance that is never forgotten and with which it intertwines in a perfect result.

But if the goal is to give us everything and make us feel capable of conquering the world, then it wouldn't be possible to reach the climax if they didn't offer a possibility capable of raising everything to an (even!) higher level. The BYOU let customers create their own pieces. Made to measure and meeting the styles and personalities of each one, Patrícia visits the homes of interested parties in greater Lisbon and, for those who are further away, Skype, telephone and email solve the problem.

Currently, purchases are essentially made online through the website (here), but on Thursdays it is possible to find the collections available in a physical space in Príncipe Real. In the near future, BYOU expects to have other points of sale.

The BYOU can be better known on official website, on Facebook and on Instagram.


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