CURIOUS sobre a Concha Lima Mayer

CURIOUS about the Concha Lima Mayer


Concha is a sweetheart and we discovered that from the first time we met her. We became friends! Concha is currently in Italy doing Erasmus and as she was in exam season, "she was on a roll" she said. But even at a thousand, this girl, full of attitude, is always present for everyone around her and answered our questions "as it should be", because you wouldn't expect anything else from her :)  



1. Who is Concha? How do you see yourself?

I think that, like everyone else, I build myself up a little bit every day. I can't define exactly what I am, because I'm only 20 years old, but I think I drink a lot from the things I experience and it's good to see that I let myself be shaped by what happens to me, without it being indifferent to me.

 2. For you, is Instagram a tool for fun, work or both?

I don't see my instagram as a work tool! It's true that it's already given me some super fun "professional" experiences, but I don't like to see my instagram as a work yet because I don't have enough constant publications to follow my life hahaha I see instagram as a fun tool — I love seeing what my friends are doing, following brands I like and artists that inspire me — on the other hand, sometimes I like to walk away if I feel like it consumes too much of me.


Photo: Nuno Miguel - FW17


3. Are you recognized on the street by your Instagram? How does that  influence?

hahaha not at all! I am fully aware that I am very, very small in this “world”, and I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground when it comes to it!


 4. You look sweet, rebellious and adventurous at the same time, what makes you go in search of new adventures outside Portugal?

(you are so dear Pat!!) I think traveling, traveling a lot, is just good :) and I'm very grateful because, in fact, I've lived outside Portugal 3 times and it's always been amazing experiences. If there's one thing I'm looking for, it's definitely discovering new places!

Photo: Nuno Miguel - FW17


5. What is the piece or accessory you can't live without?

Tennis. Every day tennis. If I'm not wearing sneakers, I'm probably barefoot, and if I'm wearing other shoes, it's an unusual day. For me, sneakers look good with everything that is clothes, and I'm rarely seen with anything else on my feet.

6. Who inspires you?

A little bit of everything around me, the people I have in my life and the places I go.

7. What are your plans for the future?

I have 1000 plans and then I have 0 plans. I'm a bit chaotic when it comes to plans and decisions, but I like to “live one day at a time” and this way of being comforts me enough not to despair if my future is not already fully planned!

Photo: Rui Oliveira - FW16


                                  9. What is it like to work with BYOU?

 The most important thing for me is to be true to myself, and “working” with BYOU is very much that. As I grow up, I'm realizing more and more how fundamental it is to put our heart into what we do. And although there are works that are a martyrdom, with BYOU there is a very genuine commitment from both us (mine and Mafalda), as well as Pat's (and the entire spectacular team behind BYOU). It's great to work with good people who make us feel good :) 


            10.Do you believe they somehow grew together, you as an influencer and BYOU as a brand, supporting each other?

BYOU was the first brand that invited me to do a campaign of this kind, so there is no doubt that it had some “influencer” label that owed it mainly to everything I've experienced with BYOU


Photo taken from Concha's IG


11. What message would you like to leave to your followers, those who are inspired by you every day and who see you as a role model.

That 1) it is good to always keep in mind what we have in our heads and hearts; that 2) we must believe in what we dream; and that 3) it's so good to do what we like that we should always fight for it :)!!



Thank you Conchinha, for all your commitment always towards us, we feel the same about you and we wish that all your dreams come true and that you always remain true to yourself!

Always BYOU!




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