CURIOUS about Mafalda Patricio

CURIOUS about Mafalda Patricio

After a few days trying to match our calendars, we were able to meet for coffee and talk about some of the themes that had never been a theme for us, because we had never really thought of it in this way . We met, we became friends and we were doing things together. What she writes here is only 1 thousandth of what make me like her so much.




1.Who is Mafalda Patricio? How would you describe yourself?
  This is probably the hardest question someone ever asked me, I'm almost 25 years old and I still don't know how to define myself.
2. How did all this start?
When I created my instagram it was just an app for effects in the photos, later I came to realize that it was not only that. I started to take pictures of myself and my friends and, in a natural way, the followers started to increase and afterwards the interest of some brands in me.





3. You are recognized as famous Instagramer. From your perspective what is it to be a digital influencer?
  Am I? Haha. I do not really like this 'influencer' label, it's just the name they got to label people who do the same as me. I've always wanted to get away from the typical 'pretty' instagram, get away from blogging and the kind of 'influencers' more commercials. I've always though that was very boring, probably that is the reason why I don't have more followers. Basically, I tried to show from the beginning who I am, what I like and how I identify myself, work that I do as a model, places I visit, travels... I show a lot of myself in each post and I try to make each one different and unique.




4. You have a very own style and you are much more than a beautiful face. What sets you apart from the others?
 My style depends on my mood. I can wear a black high necklace, with black jeans and an all stars, as I can wear a pink sweater, with squared pants and white boots. I'm not very predictable and I think that's what sets me apart. The fashion for me has to be fun, the good thing about this world is that we can play with it, with each piece of clothing and with each accessory, putting together things that are not obvious is what gives me the most pleasure, looking at me and say 'I would never wear these pants with this top, or this dress with these shoes' is my main objective. I love to show that fashion is much more than what we see and much more than we imagine.
 5. What piece of clothes or accessory can´t you live without?
 Tennis, jeans and sunglasses. The glasses are the most important, you can be dressed in the simple way that the accessories make the difference and create the look. The more bold the better!



6. Who and what are your biggest inspirations?

  All the people around me, from my daily life to instagram!

7. What are your plans for the future?

  Future ... at this moment that's a question which I don't know how to answer. Every day is a new discovery, I know I want to do something bigger but I'm not sure yet what. Since I finished my degree (one year ago) I try to enjoy every moment and try to absorb the best of each day, I have had incredible experiences on a professional level and for now I am appreciating this phase. My plans for the future in the future we will see haha.



9. What is it like working with BYOU?

  I would not say that we work, Byou for me is more than a job, it's already part of my life.It is my favorite Portuguese brand, with which I identify myself and that over the years has become more and more special It's a work of friendship! Not only do I have the greatest pleasure in working as a model, but also giving my opinion to the collections and projects that are appearing. It's gratifying :)


  10. Do you believe that you somehow grew up together, you as an influencer and BYOU as a brand, supporting each other?
  Definitely, when Byou appeared in my life I was very small in this environment, I grew up with byou always by my side and vice versa.


11. What message would you like to leave to your followers, those who take inspiration from you every day and who see you as a role model.

  Never stop being authentic !!




  Thank you Mafalda, for inspiring us every day with your energy and showing us that there are infinite paths that we can explore, that we do not have to stick to one thing, that we can be many things and live one day at a time, always being ourselves!

Always beYou

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