Slow Fashion | Entrevista feita a Patrícia Gouveia pela Joana Medina - Aluna de Mestrado de Branding e Design de Moda.

Slow Fashion | Interview with Patrícia Gouveia by Joana Medina - Master's Student in Branding and Fashion Design.

Slow Fashion Quiz 

1- How did the brand come about BYOU BY Patrícia Gouveia?

"The Brand emerged from a personal taste for making clothes and other creative work, it was a hobby that after an unemployment situation became something more serious and professional. "

2- How did you become interested in fashion, and especially in Slow Fashion?

"I have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. ways of dressing. My mother was a seamstress and this brought us together many times, since I was a child, she sewed for me and it was with her that I learned the basics of everything."

3- Was it difficult to translate all your ideas into reality?

"I don't think it was difficult, because it was all very natural. I do what I like, what I feel fits most people's reality, I like to approach people this way . The whole process took a long time, nowadays I have people I work with and who are an integral part of BYOU's existence, but it took some time to get there. Things are not easy, in the sense that they take time."

4- How did this whole process unfold?

"It was a natural process. I don't have a degree in fashion, I've never studied fashion. Everything I've done and do is a self-taught process. raw materials, ideas, people to materialize the pieces. All these processes are part and are gradually unfolding, until today, because nothing is static, nothing is actually materialized. I feel that I am still in this process."

5- Since there is a lot of labor involved and the prices are synonymous with that, how is the public's adhesion?

"The public is a niche and I am aware of that, in terms of business it is bad when we are focused on the Portuguese market, because it is a small market and it is a niche of this small market. good within that niche."

6- How is the challenge, and where do you find inspiration for the constant innovation of the collections?

"The challenge is constant, nowadays everything is going very fast and I have to always be up to date on everything. Inspiration is something very natural, it always has to do with some moment in my life ."

7- Do you think that Slow Fashion is the future of fashion?

"I don't think I know how to answer that, because I feel that fast fashion will always exist, because slow fashion has high costs and cannot reach everyone. We have to be conscious in our purchases , at all levels and that I think is the most important."

8- Do you think the brand fits into minimalism?

"Yes. I consider my brand minimalist and framed in a minimal lifestyle."

9- Do you think that there can be constant innovation when it comes to sustainability in fashion?

"Yes, I think we focused on that, but everything works in a circle, in phases and we entered this era of sustainable fashion and marketing took advantage of that, when most of the time, it's just that same, marketing, and the reality is very different. People buy “a pig in a poke” many times. If the world were turned towards that, of course fashion could be sustainable, but the economy always speaks louder."

10- In his opinion, what would a perfect sustainable world be like, and how would it be possible to reach that point?

"We have reached a point of no return, it may seem drastic, but it is reality When you give a candy to a child, it is very difficult to take it back.
The world would have to begin from scratch and people live with what they really need, only then would there be a balance between Man/Nature."

11- What kind of pieces and what kind of shades do you consider essential in a wardrobe?

"T-shirts, black and white, Jeans, black fluid dress, terracotta or nude cupro trenchcoat. Gray wool overcoat, black wool sweater, sequins to contrast it all."

12- What is the message that the brand intends to convey?

"That the most important thing is not what we wear, nor what we look like, it is who we are as an individual being. That being faithful to ourselves, we will be much more faithful to others and happy."

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