Collection: Love | SS23

With love we sew, we welcome, we look at ourselves.
With love we hug, we support ourselves, we wait.
For love we live.
With love and for love we draw dreams, we walk paths and we write stories.
I speak to you of love, because without it I would not be able to express myself. Butterflies in the stomach. Bouncing heart.
I stop. I breathe, I inspire...It's Love!

From its name LOVE. Sketched with two hands, dreamed with many more. A collection marked by romantic and dreamy cuts, so that we never forget how imperious they are.
Each piece takes us to a place, a dream, a melody, marking moments that perpetuate in unison.
Pieces of chess that bring to mind pleasant moments.
Two-piece sets that express the faithful need for sharing.
Basic items that were created to eternalize the idea of ​​simplicity.

My Love here goes to you, who are part of my life and who are essential in this process.

I hope this collection fills your days with LOVE.



Amor | SS23