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BYOU by Patricia Gouveia

Hummingbird | shirt

Hummingbird | shirt

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Shirt with wooden buttons.
[unique print, created especially for BYOU by RIMA studio]

Composition | 100% recycled polyester
Color | flower and bird
Care | hand wash 

Recycled polyester is getting closer and closer to more sustainable fabrics.

It is still little used, but more and more companies are opting for it. It is in a process of improving the filaments so that it can be used in more variety of garments.

It is a highly resistant material, and since it is recycled, its environmental impact is greatly reduced.

To take care of the planet we suggest reducing machine washing and opting for hand washing in cold and air drying. You do not need to iron this garment and when it is no longer useful, you can donate it.

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