Collection: The First Collection SS'21

Birth is the beginning of life, and perhaps this is why we so often hear that "life begins when a child is born". In fact this moment transforms us and is a reborn of ourselves. I decided very early on that I will be reborn as often as necessary.

BYOU Kids is kind of a "child" of BYOU. It would have to be an extension of the brand, so it is here, along with it.

We hope you like it, because we want to help you build a very cool wardrobe for your kids. Don't expect a lot of frills, polka dots or stripes, but rather simplicity and artist's work.

For this first collection, we have created 2 patterns of our own. Works developed together with RIMA studio and Bastian.

[All pieces can be made in any size and color.]

The First Collection SS'21